Social Strategy Insights from a SoCal Superstar

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be recognized by The Imagen Foundation as “One of the Most Powerful and Influential Latinos in Entertainment” … TWICE?! We sure have. Lucky for FlipperSplash, we got the chance to chat with Marissa Garcia about how her career led her to such a tremendous achievement and where her path is heading next. Before starting her position with Women Rising, a company that creates content and marketing campaigns that champion women and girls, Marissa was working with the stars as a Motion Picture Making Agent at Creative Arts Agency (CAA) – which happens to be the world’s leading entertainment and sports agency. In her 14 years at the agency, Garcia represented digital marketers in the motion picture, television and video game arenas, including such leading marketing and distribution companies as Mondo, Digital Kitchen, 42 Entertainment, NowLive, Five33, IMAX, Prima Cinema, NCM and Signature Creative, to name a few…

Marissa is no stranger to providing insight and guidance in all areas of marketing, including domestic and international release strategies, and planning across all platforms. The advice Marissa passed along was to pick a lane and stay in it – and she’s not just talking about dealing with all that Cali traffic.


FlipperSplash: Do you attribute your success with Social Media to any one thing?

Marissa Garcia: I attribute my success using social media to putting thought behind my posts and finding purpose. I think about where to market to certain segments, who will be most interested in my content and where are my secondary audiences. I also expand my audience by finding the right focus groups and because the feedback on social media is immediate and global, I can see what works and what is not working in real time. This eliminates making the same mistakes over and over.

FS: Has your business grown because of Social Media?

MG: Yes, absolutely! In marketing people used to ask, "what are you doing on TV?" Now it's all about the content on social media platforms. The real important conversations are happening on social and when you actually listen to your audience, they respond in kind.

FS: What app do you use the most, professionally?

MG: Both LinkedIn and Instagram. I use LinkedIn as a networking resource, to see who's connected to who. Instagram is more fun with interesting posts that engage communities through content.

FS: Did you ever have a fear of public speaking and if so - how did you overcome it?

MG: Yes, I am TERRIFIED!! When I was at CAA, I did a lot of public speaking and would literally be shaking. I would ask all of my colleagues and friends, "what do you do about the fear of public speaking?" The advice ranged from "Nobody is really paying attention to you," to "Pretend you are a talking robot!" I found that the more prepared I am, the easier it is for me. I spend time researching, going through each topic and knowing it better than the audience. Before I speak, I know that I have worked hard to build the dance floor and now all I have to do is dance!

FS: How often do you engage with your community of followers?

MG: I try to strike a balance to have consistent but thoughtful content. I want to make a positive impact on my community. Too much posting can become white noise, so I let the content drive my pace.

FS: If you could give one piece of advice to someone interested in starting a business of their own, what would it be?

MG: Start with a strong business plan. Try to share it with friends, family, colleagues and mentors to get help tightening up all aspects of your plan. Always be refining your strategy, pick a lane and do one thing really well!

FS: Do you have a mentor or person that you look up to and try to emulate, professionally?

MG: Not just one, but several. My boss at CAA was always asking me to prep excessively which taught me to be over-prepared, she taught me to do my homework, so I try to emulate her preparedness. I also learned that words matter, so think carefully before you speak or write.

FS: What's your favorite city to travel to and why?

MG: NYC in the fall. It is an incredibly vibrant city and in the fall,  it is not frigid yet, which allows you to walk around and soak in the city without the holiday crowds.

FS: What's one item on your bucket list for 2018?

MG: I want to run a 5K!

FS: Do you have a favorite restaurant and where is it located?

MG: I have several, so I would have to really think about this one.

FS: Do you have a hobby that may surprise people?

MG: I love to knit and crochet. It makes me so happy to give beautiful handmade gifts and it's a bonus for me, too as I find it very therapeutic.