Learn the Lingo. 

You may be new to Influencer Marketing. That doesn't mean it has to be complicated. FlipperSplash™ makes it beautifully simple. Here's the low-down on some of our most important words. 



When we say Brand, we are referring to your business. On the FlipperSplash app, anything labeled as a Brand is a business looking for Influencers to promote their product, service or concept. 

Brand (personal)

In addition to physical Brands, each Influencer has their own unique Brand or identity. A fashion blogger’s Brand encompasses clothing, beauty products, jewelry, etc. Abiding by their personal Brand is what gives Influencers transparency and builds trust between them and their audience. 


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the federal agency that protects consumers by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive and unfair business practices, enhancing informed customer choice and public understanding of the competitive process.


A Gig is the execution of a strategy to achieve a goal. On the FlipperSplash App, we use Gig to define the particular strategy, period of time and scope of work that contributes to a particular goal. Brands create Gigs and invite Influencers to participate. 

A Word about Public Gigs and Private Gigs:

A public Gig is visible and searchable to all Influencers on the FlipperSplash app. Influencers are able to request access to Public Gigs.

A private Gig is hidden from the view of Influencers and is only visible to those Influencer invited by the Brand that created the Gig. 


An Influencer is an individual who can drive another person, or a community of people, to take some kind of action. An Influencer can be someone with one follower or one million followers, as long as their audience trusts their opinion and is encouraged to respond and take action. 


You are a Splasher. With the confusion that can often surround the word “Influencer” we wanted to give our users a unique name that shows sets them aside from other Influencers.


On the FlipperSplash app, a task is a specific action assigned to an Influencer within a Gig. Once an Influencer has joined a Gig, the Brand is able to assign specific actions in relation to the Gig and track them using the calendar. The task is the action taken to ensure the success of a Gig. For example, “Post to Instagram 3 times including hashtag #FlipperSplash rocks” is an example of a Task.


Transparency is the act of being open and honest and is critical in Influencer Marketing for both Brand and Influencer. This includes being open and honest about your intentions, data and any other factor involved in a collaboration.