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Influencer-Driven Marketing

Word of mouth works. It's the oldest form of advertising, yet it's changed dramatically with the creation of social media.  FlipperSplash™ is your access to local social media influencers, from micro to macro, allowing your business to make the most of this powerful resource.

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A Marketplace for Micro-Influencers

Have you ever posted about a business or Brand you love? Posted a picture of your travel or even your dinner on Instagram? Checked into a location on Facebook? If so, you're an Influencer. Use FlipperSplash™  to leverage your Influence by creating a profile that is searchable to Brands, both local and national.


Are you an Influencer?


Do you post regularly on social media about fun experiences and things you love?


Do you like to share information about new products, stores, destinations and restaurants?


Do your friends thank you for great advice about places and products they hadn't tried?


Do you like the idea of building relationships with businesses and Brands you love, becoming a Brand advocate?


“Anyone can make a splash. We're all influencers.”

Monica merrill  |  Founder of FLIPPERSPLASH™


We always have something fun up our sleeves.

We're making a splash in 2019.

We ALL have Influence.

Do you have friends, family, co-workers, collegues or neighbors? Have you ever told one of them you liked a movie or a restaurant? Suggested a book or a hair stylist? If so, YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER.

Create your FREE PROFILE on the FlipperSplash App and help harness THAT power by spreading the word about businesses you love!

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FlipperSplash™ helps Brands and Influencers connect, reach more audiences and grow. We make word-of-mouth marketing beautifully simple. Get started today.