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FlipperSplash™ is free for Influencers.


That's right. Free. As a Splasher, you can join, complete your profile, find Gigs and partner with Brands. If that doesn't excite you, you're probably not looking for a Gig in the first place ... which means you're probably a Brand. In that case, we've got more good news. 



For Brands, forever and always, your first Gig is FREE. 


Now we're talkin'! We want to give Brands a chance to see just how this incredible platform works and what better way than to let you try it out for yourself. Your first Gig, with unlimited access to Influencers, is free. Where do you go from there? We offer both monthly and a la carte plans. Let us help you choose the perfect plan for your Brand.  


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FlipperSplash™ is the social marketplace for social media influencers. We make modern word-of-mouth marketing simple.