Nate Does It All

What you all do know about us (or should) is that we are an Influencer Marketing company. What you may not know, is how we started and just how victorious some of the “little” things seemed as we did and how much we owe our local Jacksonville Influencers. We started this series of Influencer Spotlights on Splash Talk not only to show the community how many incredible Influencers are right here in our neighborhood, but also to show some love to the people that have supported us since Day 1 and continue to be our biggest supporters.

One of my first responsibilities at FlipperSplash was to wrangle some Influencers. Sounds easy, right? (Spoiler Alert: It was NOT) Can you imagine messaging someone you don’t know on Instagram, from a company called FlipperSplash with less than 100 followers? Well, that’s what I did and, as expected, I got few to no responses.

I had a really well researched list of Influencers in the Jacksonville area that I was really hoping to get on the FlipperSplash team. One of them was Nate Mayo, or as you may know him, @natedoesfood. Nate was on my list, not because I knew him, but because I followed him on Instagram and saw how well connected he was in the community. (His 8K Followers didn’t hurt either) As we started our Summer Social Series concept, Nate was at the top of my invite list, but I didn’t have high hopes for his reply. After all, we were no one at this point. Imagine my surprise when I got an email back almost immediately from Nate with an enthusiastic ‘YES’ to my invitation! It didn’t take me long to realize what an advocate Nate was for Jacksonville and all of its businesses, from large to small, brand new to seasoned. It was only after Monica and I had a chance to have some lunch with him that I realized just how much he had to offer not only local businesses, but the people of Jacksonville as well.

We hope you enjoy reading about Nate as much as we enjoyed getting to know him!


FlipperSplash: How did @natedoesfood come into existence?

Nate Mayo: My first Instagram account was actually @natedoeswork, but I began to notice that my food posts got the most likes and engagement, so I decided to focus my efforts on that.

FS: Have you always been a full-time blogger/Influencer.

NM: I actually used to work at Merrill Lynch at the call center. I felt like I was chained to a desk. After Merrill Lynch I went to Culinary School and worked at Moxie.

FS: How did you find success as a full-time Influencer and social media manager?

NM: Instead of sitting in traffic after work, I went to Starbucks and learned whatever I could about photography, videography, everything. I learned to find out who is better than me and why. While in Culinary School, I organized a fundraiser so my class could all go have an amazing culinary experience. I genuinely wanted people to be there and enjoy the experience with their friends. Then my dad suggested that I monetize these types of events and that was it.

FS: Is there anything that you bring with you wherever you go?

NM: My Laptop & Camera

(Note: When we met with Nate not only did he have a laptop at our lunch, but two beautiful cameras, ready to capture a perfect image at a moment’s notice, or at least when each dish was delivered.)

FS: Have you ever posted anything that got more "Likes" than you expected?

NM: Interestingly enough, it was a motivational post. Something a little inspirational about how I started as a full time Influencer.

FS: Do you have a favorite restaurant here in Jacksonville?

NM: Orsay! They are good at EVERYTHING!

FS: Speaking of favorites, is there a dish from your childhood that you still crave?

NM: Chicken Adobo, it's a Filipino dish that gets better on day 2 or 3 - those are the best.

FS: Can you tell us one of the quotes that you live your life by?

NM: Mark Cuban said, "If you're not hearing 'NO,' you're not pushing hard enough!"

FS: Do you have a go-to breakfast, that powers you through your busy days?

NM: A Kale smoothie or if I happen to be in San Marco, I'll go to Bold Bean for their amazing quiche.

(Nate also suggests getting up early, which I know at least one person in our office agrees with. Spoiler Alert: It’s not me.)

FS: Any advice for people looking to get into your line of work?

NM: There are a few things that I can share. First of all, if you have time to bull-shit, you're wasting time. Remember that it's all about the details and you need to work your ass off! I'd also recommend that people don't ever go into a meeting blindly, know who you are meeting and be clear about why you are meeting them.

FS: How would you suggest people grow their business?

NM: Networking is one of the most important things you can do and taking calculated risks is highly recommended.

FS: If you could go on any trip this year, where would you go?

Nate: Japan!

FS: That's a pretty long flight, is there a favorite movie that you would watch?

Nate: Fight Club.  It has the best quotes!

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." - Fight Club

FS: I think we should close with something that everyone wants to know...What is one of your all-time favorite drinks?

NM: The French Pear Martini at Orsay, is an all-time favorite, for sure!

We don't know about you, but we think Nate might have the coolest (and most delicious!) job around! When Nate speaks, we listen and he has one piece of advice that we should all adhere to. He told us that, "If you follow your heart and find the right mentors, your business will exceed your wildest dreams." We are believers!