Katie Lamb: Stopping the Orphan Crisis & Capturing Beauty through Photography

Katie is a photography connoisseur, businesswoman, mother and wife. Educated at Baylor University, she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art Photography, but a degree isn’t all she left Baylor with - This is also where she met her hubby, where he was playing football and she was cheerleading. This love story may sound like a Taylor Swift song, but lucky for Katie, it’s her real life. They have twin toddlers together. After college, Katie put her life in Texas on hold and spent time traveling around the World to countries like Africa, China and Europe. Her mission abroad was focused solely on helping others. Her main focus was promoting international adoption and mission work through her photography and videography talents. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and is the universal language of the World. Katie’s work truly embodies this.

In the time not spent juggling twin toddlers, Katie launched and manages her own business, Katie Lamb – Lifestyle Portraits and Films. Her photos and films are beyond beautiful and definitely worth a look. She is currently located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, but she is on the move once again. You can find her in Kansas City this summer!

We were thrilled to chat with Katie about Social Media, business and everything in between!


FlipperSplash: Do you contribute your success with Social Media to any one thing?

Katie Lamb: I think being real on social media has made a big difference in my success. I have always felt strongly about creating a community and using social media for GOOD in a world where it can have many negative effects in our lives. I strive to be real and relatable with my followers and cultivate a true community that extends outside Facebook and Instagram. I have met some of my dearest friends right on Instagram!

FS: Has your business grown because of Social Media?

KL: Absolutely. Aside from word of mouth, nearly all my marketing efforts are through social media, and it is safe to say that it is a large part of the success of my business today. When I was starting out ten years ago, I had to relocate my (very young) business to a new city where I had zero connections or potential clients. Because of Facebook (Instagram didn't yet exist!), I grew my business from absolutely nothing, to a six-figure business in a matter of months. If used correctly, social media can be a very powerful tool!

(Imagine combining the OG word-of-mouth Marketing tactic with the ever-powerful Social Media factor … oh wait, I think we call that Influencer Marketing ;-) )

FS: What app do you use the most, professionally?

KL: While I do invest time into quite a few apps in order to prevent all my eggs landing on one basket, Instagram is my favorite and most beneficial app at this time.

FS: Did you ever have a fear of public speaking and if so - how did you overcome it?

KL: I can definitely get a little nervous before speaking in public; however, lots of practice over the years has helped quite a bit! Also, just going up and being myself and speaking as if I'm just talking one on one with a friend over coffee helps to calm my nerves tremendously!

FS: How often do you engage with your community of followers? 

KL: Very often! I do my best to respond to every comment, every message, and every email. I also really enjoy doing Insta-Lives with my followers to get us all talking together!  My business and brand are built around community, so investing in and engaging back with my followers is very important to me!

FS: If you could give one piece of advice to someone interested in starting a business of their own, what would it be?

KL: I would tell them to treat it as a business from day one and always remember they are a business owner first, [insert the skill/job] second. For example, I am a photographer and blogger; however, most importantly, I am a business owner. Treating a business as a business is crucial to its success!

FS: Do you have a mentor or person that you look up to and try to emulate, professionally?

KL: Hmm... I can't think of anyone specific!

FS: What's your favorite city to travel to and why?

KL: This is a tough one! Before having kids, I used my photography business to raise awareness of the international orphan crisis and document the works of mission teams around the world. I fell in love with so many cities and countries across Africa, China, and Europe. If I had to choose just one area, I would say Chengdu, China or any of the cities along the Yangtze River. I love the culture and the beauty of the area, and China always holds a special place in my heart as my two little sisters were adopted from there, and I've spent quite a bit of time over there! (Fun fact: Mandarin was my minor in college!)

FS: What's one item on your bucket list for 2018?

KL: Does surviving count? Haha! I have twin two-year olds, and we are in the process of moving out of state which means another relocation of my business (except this time building it back up while also chasing toddlers around!). I'd like to say that going on a big family vacation to Hawaii is on my bucket list, but I'll be realistic. ;)

FS: Do you have a favorite restaurant and where is it located?

KL: I'll be honest, I'm not a big restaurant person, and I rarely eat out. I prefer to eat at home or pack a picnic and go somewhere fun outdoors to eat it!

FS: Do you have a hobby that may surprise people? 

KL: I love to paint! Although that might not be a huge surprise since I was a fine art major. :)

Want to learn more about Katie and see some of her incredible photos? Check out her social channels below!

Website: katielamb.comLifestyle Blog: blog.katielamb.comInstagram: @katiebethlamb