Jax is RAD and Ansley is Too!

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city, by land mass, in the United States? Did you know the St. Johns River is one of only two rivers in North America that flows north instead of south?

How about that Jacksonville is home to the country’s largest urban park system with 111,669 acres of parks?

I’m willing to bet that us Jacksonville locals knew a few of them, but probably not all. What we do know, however, is where our favorite local artist will be during Art Walk. We know where our favorite local band is playing this Friday night and who is opening for them. We know about the Historic Home Tours in Avondale highlighting the incredible properties that people have pledged to restore. We know that our community is RAD and we have so many things to be proud of – so many things worth showcasing.

Enter Ansley Randall. I was lucky enough to know Ansley during our Flagler College days, before she became a local celebrity and one thing I can say without hesitation, it that Ansley has always been an advocate for the arts. She has turned her passion into a Brand that encompasses all the artists, art enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, etc. in our RAD city, because, everyone has something to be proud of.

In Ansley’s words, “[Jax is Rad] is an idea, a feeling towards our amazing city, and more importantly, a way to inspire our city’s creatives to keep going and continue making Jacksonville artful. JAX IS RAD because of us: the artists, the entrepreneurs, the bloggers, the business owners, those who want to push the limits and break the boundaries.”

To that, we say AMEN. As a company dedicated to Influencer Marketing and preaching that everyone everywhere has influence, there was a natural synergy between FlipperSplash and Jax is Rad. We had a chance to chat with Ansley about the creation of Jax is Rad, it’s future and, of course, what her thoughts are on being a local Influencer.

FlipperSplash: What does the word Influence mean to you?

Ansley Randall: It means to inspire action, whether it's positive or negative. To have an effect on someone's actions or behavior.

FS: Has anyone ever influenced you to make a purchase you may not otherwise have? 

AR: As a designer I am a huge fan of well designed Brands. I am always influenced by products they use and products that are easy to use.

FS: Do you have a daily routine or habit that adds to your success?

AR: I am big into health and fitness. I try to add working out into my daily routine. I will also meet up with other creatives or business owners and talk about what we are doing - it's a great way to encourage each other.

FS: Are there any trends, in marketing or otherwise, you are most excited about?

AR: I love trends and, as a designer, I always follow and obsess over following what trends are in now - from fashion to design or colors. I get excited to guess what the next trends will be, so I can always get ahead of the game.

FS: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome, so far, as an entrepreneur?

AR: The biggest challenge I have had to overcome is my own self. My doubts and fears have been the things that have set me back in business endeavors. I have to constantly remind myself that I am not creating this or building this Brand for myself. Once I take my eyes off myself, I can usually start moving forward in designing or events or whatever comes along.

FS: If you could give a piece of advice to yourself a year ago, what would it be? 

AR: Don't look back and don't look forward. Be in the moment and push forward. It took me so long to take the leap into having my own business (which has always been my dream). Know what you want and go for it and surround yourself only with people that encourage and support you.

If you get the privilege to be around Ansley, I encourage you to introduce yourself. Her passion for her Brand and for our city is inspiring and contageous. Also, it might score you an invite to her next RAD party - she had no problem packing out Southern Swells Brewery for her birthday and we have no doubt the parties will only get more rad from here! ;-)

Do you know any Jax business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. that you think would be a great JAX IS RAD feature? Check out Ansley's site and, of course, follow JAX IS RAD on Instagram. Rad content galore!

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