It's Only Up From Here!

So, you guys have heard of Facebook, right? I’m assuming you’ve not only heard of it, but have a pretty decent idea of how it works. If not, I’m not sure what you’ve been doing with your life for the last 10 years…. But, that’s neither here nor there. My guess is that you know it’s a social media site. You know that you can use it to share statuses, pictures, videos and links with those you have deemed worthy to remain part of your “friends” list. You know about the chat functionality and the new ability to do more than just “like” a post. You know about “liking” business pages to see their updates on your newsfeed. You know Facebook. But, do you know where it all started? Do you know what the very first version looked like? (Hint: Unless you went to Harvard in 2004, you don’t …)

Allow me to enlighten you. Mark Zuckerberg launched (yes, in 2004 – his sophomore year at Harvard. The platform was originally built to be used only by Harvard students. After the success of the platform at Harvard, and the interest of some wealthy investors, Facebook continued its rollout to colleges across the country. By the end of 2004, Facebook had over a MILLION registered users. The rest … is history.

Ok, now onto my point about all of this. Everything and everyone must start somewhere. Facebook started as an idea. It evolved into a reality and then skyrocketed into something that can only be described as a dream come true.

Now, let’s talk about word-of-mouth marketing. It is arguably the oldest form of marketing and easily the most genuine. Do you ever look at a food and think “Man, how hungry was the person that first tried to eat this?! How did people find out how good it was??” A Baltimore native, for me, that food is steamed blue crabs. I mean, they look like spiders, they have hard shells not easily penetrated and killer claws! Who in the world picked one of those up and said “hmmmm I should eat this” – I’ll tell you who, a really, REALLY hungry person. But, guess what, they ate it and realized it was delicious. Then whoever that crazy human was told their friends – “yo, this mutant from the sea actually tastes delicious.” THAT is word-of-mouth marketing right there, in perhaps it’s most basic form.

From there, things got a little more civilized. It was less let’s-try-to-eat-this-weird-animal and more celebrity endorsements and pictures on Instagram. Now, we call it Influencer Marketing and it’s everything and everywhere.

FlipperSplash is becoming a reality. A reality in the world of Influencer Marketing. From an idea that has been in our founder’s brain for years and years to an app in development! We’ll level with you. It hasn't been easy. We launched a V1 and it wasn't right. Not user friendly. Not pretty. Not functional. It took a pause, refocus, new team of developers and a new name to bring us back to the vision we've always had.

As our app is in development stay with us - we aren't sitting idle! We've launched the Summer Social Series to keep Brands and Influencers connected and will continue to post updates as they develop! We appreciate your patience and can't wait to deliver the FlipperSplash app.