Allie in St. Suburbia 

As many of you know, one of the reasons behind the creation of FlipperSplash was my need to create and organize relationships with the bloggers that I partnered with when marketing the Looster. My affinity for the 1000's of mom bloggers that I worked with still runs deep, so when I got the chance to interview Allie from St. Augustine Moms Blog, I was thrilled. I knew she would have some great anecdotes that I could share with the FlipperSplash audience. A couple glasses of wine later, I was not disappointed.

FlipperSplash: What does the word "Influence" mean to you?

Allie Testoni: Having a way to show and connect others with common interests -- what I find interesting, helpful, fun, useful ...

FS: Has anyone ever influenced you to make a purchase that you might not have?

AT: Whenever I see another mom on IG or YouTube or everyday life with a really cool kids item, I usually end up looking into it for myself. And I’m always a sucker for trying new makeup I see others using online. 

FS: What is your favorite part of the day? 

AT: Late afternoon before dinner

FS: Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you?

AT: I have vintage collections of Pyrex and clutch purses.

FS: Do you have any fears or phobias?

AT: CLOWNS!!! (Don't we all?)

FS: Is there a trend in Marketing that you are most excited about?

AT: Real people using and showing real opinions on products or experiences instead of paid actors and celebrities 

FS: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome so far with your blog?

AT: Getting the “name” out there as a new and useful way to advertise with direct consumers. It’s a labor of love showing how helpful and amazing the Mom Blog is for people right here as well as it’s national reach. 

FS: Do you have a favorite local charity?


Betty Griffin

FS: Knowing that you are a foodie, do you have a favorite restaurant here in NE Florida?

AT: Preserved! (Team FlipperSplash agrees - it is one of the best!!)

FS: If you were giving a piece of advice to your self just a year ago, what would that be? 

AT: The waiting for something to happen is when we tend to lose faith. It’s in that waiting that you need to have the most faith.


Being a single mom to a couple young girls means Allie is the perfect writer for her blog with daily first-hand experience from her school carpools jamming to Taylor Swift, to her daily in-depth conversations about their favorite topic...Star Wars. Moving south to St. Augustine brought several changes for her family and working with the contributors of MomsBlog helped Allie come out of her shell, literally. You can find some of her fantastic posts, including Letting Go Of My White Picket Fence on her blog (a must read),


When I asked Allie what she would like people to know right now, she said, "Don't be afraid to fail. A year can make such a difference and you never know how much until you make yourself happy!" So true, Allie and thank you for sharing!

Sometimes we meet people that are instantly smitten with our app, our office or our vibe here at FlipperSplash and sometimes we meet people that we are instantly smitten with. Then there are those rare moments of mutual-admiration, true kismet and that's how we feel about Allie! She is definitely our kinda gal. She's a foodie, her spirit animal is Champagne, one of her favorite movies is Mean Girls, her jam-station on Alexa is 90's Hip Hop and her preferred dessert is s'mores. Sounds like a pretty cool


night, Allie...let's do it - we'd love to share that combo anytime with you!!