8  Things We’re NOT Thankful For this Thanksgiving

8  Things We’re NOT Thankful For this Thanksgiving


  1. Building Content.

As if business owners don’t have enough on their plate already, they also need to figure out content. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter … the list just never ends. Not only the post scheduling, but wondering if the content you find is even relevant. Will people read this? Why did I only get 3 views on that? The stress is just too much.

Fact: 83% of marketers say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge. (Demand Gen Report)


  1. Going Broke on Marketing.

Marketing is essential for any business – this we know. But, does it have to be so dang expensive? All that money and who knows who even sees it and who takes your ad directly from mailbox to the recycling bin. Print ads are just the beginning of the bank breaking options available to businesses. Don’t even get me started on TV spots …

Fact: The average cost for a print advertisement ranges from $500 to $20,000. (Forbes)


  1. Schedules.

How many times a day do you find yourself thinking, “Dang, I feel like there is something important I forgot.” For us, it’s a lot. This isn’t just the case for business owners, but Influencers, Bloggers and the like as well. Scheduling apps are life savers, but wouldn’t it be nice if all your marketing was housed in one place?! A girl can dream …

Fact: New Blogger struggles often include not planning efficiently. (The Mindful Rise)


  1. One Night Stand …. Customer Reviews.

We’re all familiar with Yelp, yes? Well, we like to think of Yelp as a one-night-stand in the way of Marketing. How many times have you looked at a Yelp review of your business or a business you frequent and think, “Wow, these reviews don’t give this business justice!”. We find that angry, unhappy customers post WAY more reviews than happy customers. Not cool. However, reviews can be a tremendous way to gain traction in your business. If only there was a way to turn those one-night-stands into long-term-relationships….

Fact: Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more. (BrightLocal)


  1. The Great ROI Mystery.

So, you splurge for a fancy print ad. Something in full-color. Maybe even a full page! Send your design in, approve the proof, get your copy, revel in the beauty of the ad. Now what? I wonder who else saw it?? Well, wonder away, because you probably won’t ever find out how many people actually saw it and how many dumped that beautiful full-color right into the recycling bin.

Fact: 65% of Marketers faced a challenge with measuring campaign ROI. (Forbes)


  1. #NoNewCustomers

We’ve all seen the hashtag #nonewfriends, but what about the real problem – No new customers. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good regular. They support us and keep us going, but no business can grow without new faces. Where are they?!

Fact: About 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. (Hubspot)


  1. Stagnant Social Media.

You schedule and post and everything you’re supposed to do and STILL, those numbers just stay the same. WHY?

Fact: 77% of business owners lack the time and knowledge to manage social media effectively. (Raney Day Design)


  1. Ineffective Agency Representation.

You know your Brand better than anyone else. It’s your life, your baby, your heart and soul. So, why are you paying an agency to tell people what to say about it? How can you be true to your Brand with representation that just doesn’t understand it?

Fact: 78%of consumers believe that companies focused on custom content are more trustworthy than companies who simply churn out generic content. (CrowdSpring)


Are you sick of hearing us whine? Well, the good news is that there are also a whole lot of things the FlipperSplash team is thankful for this year…

As a team, we are thankful every day for our community of local Brands and Influencers who have come to our events, given us valuable feedback and supported us as we grow.

We are thankful for a genius team of developers that are on the HOME STRETCH of our app that will combat EVERY SINGLE ONE of the above Marketing challenges.

We are thankful for the National community of Bloggers and Influencers who help grow small businesses across our country through their unique content creation and dedication to their trade.

We are thankful for a team of creative, hard-working individuals who will stop at nothing to ensure the success of this app.

We are thankful for genius ideas (cough*Monica*cough) that are finally coming into formation and will help the growth of small business in our community.

Finally, we are each thankful for our friends and family who have supported us through app failures, long work days and bad moods. We can’t wait to spend tomorrow laughing, smiling and eating – all the while knowing that we will ring in 2018 with a fully functional FlipperSplash App!