Game On - Time to Send in the Micro-Influencers!

We all know, or should we say 92% of us know, that the referral or recommendation of a trusted friend is worth much more than any ad. Don’t be the 8% ...

On the cusp of another reunion-filled summer, we often find ourselves recalling past successes, mistakes and even regrets. While recollecting these milestones, that age old phrase,  “If we only knew then what we know now, we would do things differently.” This happens in business, too.

In 1990 we launched Brands much differently than we do today. Our tools for success are now more defined, we study analytics more critically and we focus on consumer feedback in a way that makes our models both stronger and more fragile at the same time. An onslaught of negative reviews can lead to quick Brand demise and on the upside, social media ambassadors can create so much buzz for a business that we sell out of product and even crash sites.  

How did we get here?

More than three decades ago, the foresight of all the genius in the professional tech landscape could not have predicted that the simple PC would turn into a handheld smartphone used by 2/3 of the world’s population. A place where images are instant, games are played, calls made and, in the eyes of marketers, Brands and the communities they serve can work together on mission and message. When you think about what we didn’t know just 25 years ago, it is staggering.  Can you imagine a day without Google, streaming entertainment, a simple PDF or even texting (SMS) which was just a dream of a Vodaphone software engineer.


It is truly amazing how far we’ve come, how far we’ll go and the fact that business growth is still overwhelmingly dependent on that first and most important form of marketing. Word-of-Mouth…from a trusted voice! Let’s look at what we didn’t know we needed just a few years ago in order to build a successful business, keeping in mind that tomorrow’s hindsight is today’s action.


Infograph Timeline.png

Being late to the “game” can ruin a Brand. If you are not currently partnering with Influencers, you ARE not even on the same playing field as your competitors that are growing. Imagine launching a business today without a website or any social platforms. How do you succeed? We know the answer to that… 


No time like the present to get your Influencer game on!