CASE STUDY: Hu Kitchen

By now, most of you know us and know what we do. For those who don't , we wanted to start sharing some of our case studies that show which Brands we have worked with and the incredible buzz and content our Influencers created.

Rewind back to when we first started building FlipperSplash (actually FlipperSmack at the time). We had no app, no customers, no Influencers. Nothing more than a great idea. Hu Kitchen was one of the first Brands to give us a chance. While they were already quite well established in Manhattan, they were looking to create some local buzz as they launched the AMAZING Hu Chocolate bars in the southeast. Sixteen Influencers later, Hu Chocolate bars gained a reach of over 100K! Each Influencer put their own unique spin on the Hu Chocolate and helped us prove that Influencer Marketing is truly the only way to market.

Now super-celebs like Reese Witherspoon are choosing Hu Chocolate as their preferential sweet treat! The ripple effect of Influencer Marketing never stops! Check out our case study below!

Hu Case Study .png