How Influencer Marketing Changed My Life as a Consumer

So, I’m going to Seattle. Two things you should know about me to fully understand said journey :

  1. I’m an East Coast Girl. Lived my whole life over here on the Atlantic.

  2. I moved to Florida solely for warmth and sunshine… oh, and college.

So why is a sunshine-loving east coast-er heading to the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest? The simple answer is that I am everyone-I-know-is-getting-married years old and Seattle is next on my list of wedding destinations. However, despite my love for the Florida climate, Seattle has always been on my bucket list of places to visit.

It was after booking my flight that I realized what a tremendous role Influencer Marketing plays in my life as a consumer. For the last 3 years or so, Influencer Marketing has clearly been a part of my life professionally. After all, I am the Director of Marketing for an Influencer Marketing company. My sole job is to teach businesses about Influencer Marketing and connect them to the perfect Influencers for their Brand. What I didn’t realize is how much this transcends into my daily purchasing decisions.

Looking back to taking trips in high school with my mom, I remember heading to the library to check out books. Guides to New York City, What To Do in Philly, Boston for Dummies … you know what I’m talking about. We skimmed them over during travel time and hoped that what we were reading was even still relevant. Fast forward to now. Almost immediately after clicking “Book” on my Seattle trip, I was on Instagram searching for Seattle Influencers - content creators who are living full-time in the area. Without even giving it much of a thought, this seemed the CLEAR way to get ready for my Seattle trip. And I was right! I found Karlie Rae Lang who gave me some great fashion inspo for a climate I’m not used to. I found Bre Sheppard who’s Seattle story highlight showed me the best places to get coffee … which is obviously VERY important. Morgan Lillian’s Seattle highlight showed me ADORABLE and seemingly delicious eateries and craft cocktail hotspots … which might be even more important. A week ago, I felt lost and stressed about this trip. I now feel like I have more of a grasp on what I’m going into, from a source far more genuine than some book I can grab at the library.

This is when I started thinking, my belief in Influencer Marketing and in the Influencers I follow goes far beyond the occasional trip I may take. It has become the only way I make purchasing decisions. Let’s just talk about the first 9 days of 2019. My new Apple Watch band was suggested by Aubrey Alley of Hello Alley. The erasable gel pens I bought to help with my New Year’s resolution (to actually use a planner) were inspired by Things I Bought and Liked. Who even knew that erasable gel pens existed?! Certainly not me or the SIX friends that messaged me when I posted them to my Instagram story. (You can find them here, btw.) My new highlighter, which is $8, I learned about from Tanner Mann’s mini beauty tutorials. That’s also how i’ve learned how to correctly use makeup. My photo editing apps? Ashton Noto’s post about the apps she uses has seriously upped my Insta game. My newest lip treatment? Lanolips 101 Ointment. WOW. What a game changer and the only reason I know about it is because I follow Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. My new Chemex coffeemaker, which produces the most AHHHMAZING coffee i’ve ever had - compliments of Allie. She is also to blame for my now constant caffeine high.

If I can do that much damage in 9 days, i’m sure you can imagine what new things i’ve managed to try in 2018 based on Influencer recommendations. The best part? I’ve loved everything! I am following people that are genuine and are only promoting products they truly love and use. THAT is the beauty of Influencer Marketing. Reading reviews from faceless strangers is a thing of the past. Need a new bronzer? Better believe i’m sliding over to Tanner’s insta to see which one I want. Wedding coming up? I know Aubrey has a post up about wedding style, complete with links for all the products she used. You get the idea …

If nothing else, I hope this goes to show that my constant babble about how amazing and necessary Influencer Marketing is for business is genuine. I’m thankful that so many businesses are embracing these Influencers and marketing their products in the most genuine way they can - through these Influencers. Most importantly, I am thankful for the Influencers who take the time to build an audience and share with them. On a personal level, you have made shopping, traveling and just getting ready in the morning SO much easier.

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