Miami Social Series Pt. 1

Launching a company is hard ya’ll. It’s hard enough launching in a city you live in, but launching in a new city, where you know next-to-no-one is even harder.

A little over a year ago we found ourselves ready to launch here - in Northeast Florida. Our app was still in development and we knew a handful of local Influencers, but not near enough to be successful. The problem we were facing was that no one knew us, so why on earth would they give us the time of day when they were already so busy?! Trust me, I slid into A LOT of DMs with little to no return …

Enter Aubrey of Hello Alley. Our savior! We had coffee with Aubrey and, together, dreamed up the concept of the Summer Social Series. A series of intimate networking events that aimed to bring some of the top Influencers in Northeast Florida together with some awesome local Brands. We chose the venues and scouted out Brands, while Aubrey helped us with a guest list - after all, she already had an “in” with all the Blogger Babes in our town - no DM slides necessary. Fast forward to October 2017. We were gearing up to host our finale event at the St. Augustine Distillery with a guest list that had QUADRUPLED since the first event. It was then that we realized that blind outreach was simply not the way to get our name out. Let’s give the people what they want … a party!

(Read more about the Summer Social Series on Aubrey’s blog Hello Alley, here.)

When it came time to launch in our next city, Miami, handling things the same way was a no-brainer. And so was born the Miami Social Series. The concept was the same as the Summer Social Series, but with new friends, new Influencers, new venues and new awesome local Brands.

We were stoked to host our very first installment of the Miami Social Series last week with Miami-based food blogger Nick “The Food-E” Pena. The event was held at rooftop lounge No. 3 Social in Wynwood and hosted 50+ Influencers from the Miami community. Sounds like a blast, right?! It totally was. With ticket purchase, attendees were granted access to our private lounge and bar, received a craft cocktail from the Social Hour menu and munched on some of the incredible hors d oeuvres put out by No. 3 Social. Craft cocktails included Social favorites like Rosewater on the Glass and Hit the Deck while appetizer platters were overflowing with Black Bean Hummus, Cayo Hueso Conch Fritters, Tostado for a Gardener and Crispy Chicken Skin Bao Buns! Are you drooling yet?

As we skim through all the incredible images our Influencers took at the first Miami Social Series event, we can’t help but be giddy for the next! Interested in attending one of our future events? Make sure you have downloaded the FlipperSplash app (available on Apple and Android devices) and created your free Influencer profile AND follow us on Instagram! We’ll be announcing all upcoming events via Instagram with special promotions announced through the app.

A special THANK YOU to The Food-E, Fluent in Food, Stick a Fork in Me, Always Hungry MIA, As Food as it Gets, The L WOD, Carolina, Live Play Miami and Foodies of Miami for the amazing pictures!

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