SoFlo Shakers: Lucy Valdez

Cruelty-free living. Seems like a concept everyone can get on board with, but not many do. Why? For most, it’s because living cruelty-free seems difficult and unmanageable - especially once you already live with products you know and trust. How do you even start? Where do you buy cruelty-free products? Are they expensive? Which ones are the best?

Thanks to Influencers like Lucy Valdez, a cruelty-free lifestyle has become manageable and even easy.

Lucy is a Miami native with an affinity for cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle. While claiming her family as her greatest accomplishment, Lucy also takes pride in her dedication to a cruelty-free lifestyle and her ability to share it with others. Blogging about life, events and, of course, beauty, Lucy only features products that coincide with her beliefs and love for animals. The vegan lifestyle is a huge adjustment for most, but Lucy’s blog helps followers make a simple transition while recommending some of the best products on the vegan market.

Check out what Lucy had to say about her life as an Influencer …

FlipperSplash: Do you have a favorite place/beach in Miami for photo shoots? 

Lucy Valdez: My favorite place for photo shoots is actually Hollywood Beach.  I tend not to travel down to Miami very often, and Hollywood definitely has some great hidden gems when you take time to look.  Downtown Hollywood has some gorgeous murals and the beach itself is beautiful.  I was able to do a product photo shoot with a sailboat, that had been abandoned on the shore.  I was just coming to the beach for some basic shots but when I saw the sailboat I knew it was meant to be :)

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 1.20.01 PM.png

FS: Is there one piece of advice that you would like to share with someone that is interested in shifting to a cruelty-free lifestyle?

LV: Don't be hard on yourself and don't try to shift overnight.  Take things slow, do your homework, and really find products that will fill the void of any holy grail items in your arsenal that were not cruelty free.  I would also add find a tribe...Purge social accounts you are following and replace them with cruelty free brands/influencers so your social feeds are leading you to find new brands and products:) Sorry that was more than one piece of advice LOL!

FS: Do you have a routine that helps you stay successful on social media?

LV: Just go with the flow and be authentic...while using a content calendar is ideal, sometimes it just doesn't work out.  I don't come down on myself too hard when I slip, but I know when I need to get back on track.

FS: What question about #veganbeauty do you get asked the most? 

LV: I think being vegan in general. I get a ton of obvious I get enough protein, don't I miss meat/cheese, etc... When it comes to vegan beauty, I think the question I get the most is usually about deodorant (LOL) What a tough item to replace!  I get sweaty and stinky...let's be real! 

FS: Is Instagram your social platform of choice? 

LV: YES! I love Instagram, with Facebook being a close 2nd.  I really want to focus more on IGTV and the stories.  I stay in my comfort zone which is my main feed a lot.  I love a great picture, plus it reads like a photo album to me.  While I do stage photos for products or #motd looks, I don't curate my feed or worry about my color scheme or theme very much.  It is definitely my #lifeinsquares

FS: Do you have 3 bucket list items that you want to share?

LV: I really want to travel to Costa Rica and stay in a cabana in the trees and zip line through the jungle, I want to visit Australia and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, and long term move into a small little house on the beach with my husband and our pets (once the kids are out of the house and we are empty nesters)...That would be ultimate happiness <3

FS: If you could pick one place to travel to this year that you have not already been to, where would it be?

LV: Bali...just because every picture I see looks like paradise.  I don't mind travelling to paradise do you?

FS: What do you like to do in your free time? (If you have any ...)

LV: I love to read for pleasure...It is definitely an escape for me.  I also love discovering new and different places to eat.  I have my go-to spots for sure, but I love finding a new place and checking the menu out before I go.  I like picking out everything I am going to order ahead of time and getting really excited for how it is going to taste:)

FS: What is something that makes or breaks an Influencer relationship with a Brand for you?

LV: Hands down if they try to script me somehow or want me to omit certain details if I don't like something about the product.  I am all about being 100% honest in my reviews and experiences.  

FS: How is your Blog different today than it was when you began?

LV: I am definitely more niche driven.  In the beginning I was all over the place and reviewing whatever came my way.  Now I really have no problem saying no to a brand if they want to sponsor a post or send me products for review but I don't feel like they are something my audience would appreciate or want to read about.  

Just for fun ... 

I have a weakness for ... Oreos and Sweet Chili Doritos

My favorite drink is ... extra hot Starbucks Peppermint Mocha with Almond Milk (no whip/no foam please LOL)

Something people get wrong about me is ... I can be direct sometimes so depending on how someone reacts to my directness, I could come across as a little bitchy?  I'm totally not though! It usually happens when I'm working or rushing through a text and what I write is just straight to the point.   

My mantra is ... When we help each other grow, we grow together!  I am all about helping someone out looking for advice or direction.  Real queens fix each others' crowns, not try to knock them off <3

Check out Lucy’s blog here and her Instagram here!